Thursday, May 2, 2013

SE-100 Series by Mean Well

SE-100 Series

SE-100 Series Power Supply by
Mean Well

After launching the SE family (200W/350W/450W/600W/1000W/1500W), Mean Well introduces the new 100W economical enclosed type power supplies, the SE-100 series. Featuring a switch selectable input of 115VAC or 230VAC, the SE-100 series provides 5V~48V of single output voltage for selection.

In comparison to the NES-100 series of NE family, SE-100 series have exactly the same electrical specifications and mechanical dimensions. The difference being that the SE-100 series are produced under lead-free process, so that they can meet the requirements of new CE/RoHS standard and fulfill the customers who originally purchased NES-100 series but request CE certificate.

SE-100 series possess up to 86% of efficiency and can be cooled by free air convection from -20°C to +60°C ambient temperature. The standard protection functions include short circuit, overload, and over voltage.

In addition, these new series comply with certificates per UL/CUL/CCC/CB/CE regulations which can greatly guarantee your safety. Suitable applications include industrial control system, factory automation, electro-mechanical applications, and electronic equipments.

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  • 1U low profile:38mm 
  • High efficiency up to 86% 
  • 85~132VAC or 176~264VAC input selectable by switch 
  • Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage 
  • Cooling by free air convection 
  • LED indicator for power on 
  • 100% full load burn-in test 
  • Certificates:UL / CUL / CCC / CB / CE 
  • Dimension(LxWxH):159x 97x 38mm 
  • 2 years warranty
Full Specifications / Datasheet

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RSP-320 Series Low Profile AC/DC Enclosed 320W Power Supply by Mean Well

RSP-320 Series by Mean Well AC/DC Enclosed 320W Low Profile Power Supply

Details for RSP-320 Series

The RSP-320 Series by Mean Well is a new series of the 320W low profile AC/DC enclosed type switching power supply. Reducing the height of the original SP-320 series (50mm to 30mm), RSP-320's are 40% smaller (30mm in height) and 1~9% higher in working efficiency compared to the other corresponding models. Increasing operating temperature range to -30~70°C from the old SP-320 range of -20~+65°C makes the RSP-320 more reliable and efficient. Mean Well once again excels in creating a low cost, energy-saving, space limited power supply end users will love.

The RSP-320 comes in available in a variety of voltage models including low voltage models: 2.5V / 3.3V / 4V / 5V (60A), High Voltage Models range from: 7.5V / 12V / 13.5V / 15V / 24V / 27V / 36V / 48V.

Features of the RSP-320 Series:

  • 30mm low profile design for 1U installation
  • Universal AC input range 88~264V
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Forced air cooling by built-in DC fan with fan speed control function
  • -30~+70°C operating range
  • Protection: Short Circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • LED indicator
  • Optional conformal coating models (RSP-320-*CC)
  • Certificates: UL / CUL / TUV / CB / CE
  • Dimension (LxWxH) 215x 115x 30mm
  • 3 year warranty + 1 year extended warranty through Peak to Peak Power, Inc.
Full Specification Datasheet PDF for RSP-320 Series

 Mean Well RSP-320 Series Model Numbers & Efficiency:

RSP-320-2.5   | 2.5V @ 60.00A   | 76.00%
RSP-320-3.3   | 3.3V @ 60.00A   | 80.00%
RSP-320-4      | 4.0V @ 60.00A   | 81.00%
RSP-320-5      | 5.0V @ 60.00A   | 82.00%
RSP-320-7.5   | 7.5V @ 40.00A   | 84.00%
RSP-320-12    | 12.0V @ 26.70A | 87.00%
RSP-320-13.5 | 13.5V @ 23.80A | 88.00%
RSP-320-15    | 15.0V @ 21.40A | 88.50%
RSP-320-24    | 24.0V @ 13.40A | 89.00%
RSP-320-27    | 27.0V @ 11.90A | 89.00%
RSP-320-36    | 36.0V @ 8.90A   | 89.50%
RSP-320-48    | 48.0V @ 6.70A   | 89.50%

Friday, February 19, 2010

DR-15 Series 15W Class 2 Din Rail Power

MEAN WELL has announced the introduction of DR-15 series – 12~15W single output class II DIN rail switching power supply for the fast growing demand of DIN rail applications. With Class II of protection level (double insulated, no earth ground wire is required), DR-15 series provide users a safer operating environment since the whole plastic case is free from hazardous leakage current. Featuring 25mm of slim width, DR-15 can save the precious space in the cabinet. To compensate for wiring voltage drops, the output voltage can be adjusted from the front panel, and the colored LED indicator also give an immediate visual confirmation of the output status.

One unique feature of “no load power consumption < 0.5W” has also been incorporated into the DR-15 series. This has great advantage for more and more industrial/commercial applications that have energy-saving concern to differentiate themselves. Complying with the global safety and EMC requirements per UL60950-1, TUV EN60950-1, and EN55022/EN61204-3 Class B, these slim class II switchers are suitable to be installed in a power distribution box or a control cabinet and hence the major application fields are building automation, security, and household appliance control.

Universal AC input / Full range

Isolation class II

Protection: short circuit, overload (constant current limiting), over-voltage

Cooling by free air convection

Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15

LED indicator for power on

Operating temperature: -20~60℃

No load power consumption < 0.5W

100% full load burn-in test

Dimension (W*H*D): 25 * 93 * 56mm

Certificates: UL / CUL / TUV / CE / CB

3 years warranty

HRP(G)-150 Series 150W High Reliability Enclosed Type Series

To comply with the trend of energy saving, MEAN WELL introduced the new high performance product family of HRP series with high operating efficiency and low no load power consumption. As the first shot, HRP(G)-150 are 150W AC/DC miniature enclosed type power supplies with PFC function that fulfill the requirement of EN61000-3-2 for harmonic current. Comparing to our first generation of enclosed type PFC product SP-150 series, HRP(G)-150 reduce the size by 40.5% while boost the working efficiency by 5~13% in the mean time! Featuring up to 89% of high efficiency, it can provide 150W continuously up to 50℃ by only free air convection.

Standard functions of HRP-150 and HRPG-150 include 300VAC input surge immunity for 5 seconds, remote sense, LED indicator, heavy industry level of EMS immunity(EN61000-6-2), 5 years warranty, and protection for short-circuit, overload (constant current limiting), over voltage, and over temperature. To fulfill the emerging trend of eco-design concept, MEAN WELL specially offer the HRPG-150 models with additional remote ON/OFF control and 5V/0.3A standby output to achieve the goal of “no load power consumption <0.5W”. More and more end systems ask for this feature to comply with the requirement of ENERGY STAR and EuP norms and using our HRPG-150 should help designers achieve those regulations easily! Suitable applications of HRP(G)-150 are general electronic application, factory automation, moving sign, test and measurement equipment, and all usage that requires low no load power consumption.

Universal AC input 85~264V

Built-in active PFC function, PF>0.95

Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature

High efficiency up to 89%

Withstand 300VAC surge for 5 seconds

Cooling by free air convection

Built-in constant current limiting circuit

Built-in remote sense function

Built-in remote ON/OFF control and 5V/0.3A standby output (HRPG-150)

No load power consumption <0.5W (HRPG-150)

Dimension(L*W*H): 159mm*97mm*38mm

Certificate: UL / CUL / TUV / CE / CB

5 years warranty

RPS/D/T(G)-160 Series 160W Green Medical PCB Series

MEAN WELL launches another 5” * 3” low profile PCB type switching power supply – RPS(G)-160 , RPD(G)-160, and RPT(G)-160 series targeting at the medical and IT applications with the requirement of miniature size. The 5” * 3” PCB size has dominated the PCB-type power supply market for many years and MEAN WELL also offers several models from 45W, 65W, 75W, 125W, to 200W. The new series perfectly fill up the product gap aound140~160W that provide end users a more complete choice for all kinds of applications. RPS/D/T-160 with basic function can fulfill requirements of general medical or industrial applications while the green RPSG/RPDG/RPTG-160 with low no-load-power-consumption<0.75W can be implemented into all kinds of end systems with eco-design concept.

With built-in active PFC function, these units comply with requirement of harmonic current per EN61000-3-2. 100~110W can be provided by only free air convection while 145~160W full rated output can be extracted by providing them 20.5CFM of forced air. Featuring 300 μA of leakage current at 264VAC, they can be equipped into non-patient contact medical equipment and still comply with Class B per EMI regulations. Standard functions include PF/PG signal output, remote sense (single output 5~15V), and short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature protections. General medical usage that requires low leakage current, general electronic application, and 1U low profile IT equipment are all suitable for applying this miniature product series.

RPSG/RPDG/RPTG-160 are specially design to comply with the emerging green concept in the market. With additional PS-ON control and 5V/0.8A standby output, these green models can achieve 0.75W of no-load-power-consumption that is suitable to be used in final systems regulated by Energy Star/EuP norms or any kind of energy-saving system design.

5” * 3” * 1.37” miniature size (127mm*76.2mm*34.6mm - L*W*H)

Free air convection for 100~110W, 145~160W with 20.5CFM forced air

Universal AC input / full range

Built-in active PFC function, PF>0.93

Low leakage current < 300μA

Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature

Power good / power fail signal output

Built-in remote sense function for RPS(G)-160-5/12/15

Compliance to UL60601-1 & TUV EN60601-1 medical safety standards

No load power consumption < 0.75W by PS-ON control (RPSG/RPDG/RPTG-160)

5V/0.8A standby output (RPSG/RPDG/RPTG-160)

100% full load burn-in test

Approval: UL / CUL / TUV / CE / CB

3 years warranty

SDR-480 Series 480W High Efficiency Slim Din Rail Series

MEAN WELL launches the second series of our new slim DIN rail product family ~ SDR-480 ~ for the growing demand of high performance DIN rail power supply in the market. Featuring 94%+ of extreme high efficiency, it can provide 480W continuously or 720W for 3 seconds (with 50% more free power!!) up to 60℃ by only free air convection. With built-in active PFC function, SDR-480 is a full input range switcher that fulfills the requirement of EN61000-3-2 for harmonic current. The slim design of 85.5mm in width helps save the precious space on the rail and also makes it 51.8% smaller in size compare to its predecessor model.

Other standard functions include DC OK relay contact, on panel LED indicator, and protection for short-circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature. To fulfill the requirements of marine and semi-conductor related usage, SDR-480 also complies with GL and SEMI F47 norms in addition to UL, CUL, TUV, and CE certificates. Suitable applications are factory automation, semi-conductor fabrication equipment, marine related installation, and electro-mechanical applications with medium to high power demand.

94% high efficiency

720W peak power ability for 3 seconds

Built-in active PFC function compliance to EN61000-3-2

Universal AC input 90~264V

Protection: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature

Cooling by free air convection

DC OK relay contact

Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15

Dimension(W*H*D): 85.5mm*125.2mm*128.5mm

Certificate: UL / CUL / TUV / CE / CB / GL / SEMI F47

3 years warranty

GE12/18/24 Series Green Adaptor with Interchangeable AC Plug

In response to the high energy costs, all kinds of energy-saving regulations had been established by main countries in the world. In order to comply with the latest energy laws, MEAN WELL announced the introduction of new wall-mounted adaptor with interchangeable AC plug. The new GE12/18/24 series are 12W/18W/24W green adaptors in compliance to ENERGY STAR and EISA 2007 (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) required by USA government. With <0.3W of low no load power consumption and efficiency up to 81%, these three product series fulfill the trend of eco-design in the market nowadays.

GE12/18/24 are AC/DC single output wall-mounted adaptors with four kind of AC plugs (US, EU, Australian, UK) that can be changed flexibly for applications in different areas in the world. With 90~264Vac of universal input range and light weight design, these Class II power unit (without the F.G.) are especially suitable for business travelers or electronic products that may be used globally. Standard functions include power on LED indicator, short-circuit, overload, and over voltage protections. Complying with global safety certificates per TUV, UL, CUL, CE, FCC, CB, and C-Tick (CCC also for GE12) and passed LPS (limited power source), GE12/18/24 can safely power all kinds of consumer electronic products, communication products, and office/business equipment.

Interchangeable AC plug (US / EU / Australian / UK)

Universal AC input 90~264V

No load power consumption < 0.3W

ENERGY SATR compliant for 5~24V

Meet EISA 2007 (Energy Independence and Security Act)

Class II power (without earth pin)

Protection: Short circuit / Over voltage / Overload

LED indicator for power on

Dimension(L*W*H)70.7*40*38.8mm (GE12)
81*43*40.5mm (GE18/24)

Pass LPS

Approvals: UL / CUL / TUV / CCC / CE / FCC / C-Tick / CB (GS12)
UL / CUL / TUV / CE / FCC / C-Tick / CB (GS18/24)

2 years warranty